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You will have access to some special abilities that you can use to influence the battle – these specials can buff your own bots or damage/inhibit enemy ones. The game also makes it look like there are other players wondering around – although these are likely just NPCs made to look like other players. Brute is a melee bot in the Botworld Adventure tier list, and he comes with the greatest damage, which can decrease the HP value of his enemies. And note that it takes only a little time with a few shots.

Longshot has very consistent damage and a failsafe ability to buy itself some Time when enemies get close. This allows him to throw the tank behind him and keep going. These along with his overall great quality of synergizing with a team puts him up in the top tier.

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Simply follow the easy steps below to download Tower of Fantasy on your preferred platform. Tower of Fantasy was released to global audiences on 11th August 2022 on Android and iOS. Tower of Fantasy is also available to play on Microsoft Windows PC, which users can access exclusively through the official Tower of Fantasy website. There is no indication of whether the game will be available for download via Steam or Epic Games Store. Tower of Fantasy is a new Gatcha-based MMORPG by Hotta Studios that quickly achieved widespread acclaim for its anime art style and hack-and-slash combat.


This Trivia Bot offers a multiplayer trivia game with over 3000 questions and 24 categories to choose from. These categories include television, film, sports, science, and nature. The Pokemon appears randomly on your server, and you just have to catch them, train them, compete with them, or trade them! Pokécord bot offers you to catch, train or botworld bot tier list fight while you can enjoy talking to your mates on Discord. Like we’ve already said, the game is in Early Access, so there are likely to be some bugs and borked bits to contend with, so don’t get too mad if you encounter any. There are different races to choose from, unique customization options and a whole lot more to sink your teeth into.

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Because he’s sluggish, that could be a problem for players who rely on him frequently. He needs the assistance of a good tank, but he performs admirably when he does. Botworld Adventure is making your way into a wonderful world, and it needs to be explored at your best with every effort you can. This diverse world covers so many new bots to be discovered, and protagonists are here helping to collect each Bot.

  • I didn’t order the abilities inside of a tier, it’ll surely be good to do at some point tho.
  • At the end of each Regional event, a competition is held to determine the most successful builders in each division throughout the week.
  • His win condition is killing himself to trade with another bot, which is pretty poor.
  • Solve puzzles, investigate objects both familiar and strange, and unveil the secrets behind Samsara Room.
  • You can also obtain loot for your bots and make them even stronger.

It has enough elements that will keep you coming back to it every day for a good few weeks minimum. After every match, Botworld Adventure distributes the experience points among all the player’s bots evenly. As a result, players should pick 3 bots that they enjoy playing with and want to level up and refrain from using any more bots while fighting. Players can quickly defeat many wild bots when they require farming AI experience.

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These individual contracts are only completed after the tasks within the contracts are completed by the player. It is highly recommended that players ensure they can play for quite some time when going out exploring the wilderness. To leave Scavenger’s Landing and enter the wilds, players will be needed to provide 1 Repair Cannister botworld bot tier list to be allowed through the gate. Repair Cannisters are limited and require time to become full. Players are recommended to search through every inch of the area they can explore to get all the loot possible and make sure the Repair Cannister did not go to waste. Dynobot, is one of the most popular bots on Discord for a feature.

botworld bot tier list

The least traditional tank out of the high-tier trio in my opinion. The nozzle has the best survivability out of any bot in the game. Both fortunately and unfortunately, his kit is entirely ranged. This DPS provided by this bot is too much even for the top tier bots.

When playing an RPG, the best characters are frequently required to win every match. However, this may appear difficult if there are many characters with varying stats and abilities, which may be confusing. As a result, we’ve created a Botworld Adventure tier list to assist you in selecting the best characters. Overall the game has a lot to offer and given it’s a free game it’s absolutely worth checking out.

There is a reason they are at the top of the Botworld Adventure tier list. If you use Virus well with Hypercharge, you can completely negate an enemy team’s burst and use it against them. One of the best top-tier bots to have in your team in the current meta.

In this post, we have shared Botworld Adventure Tier List showcasing the top-tier characters featured in the game and to help you pull the best heroes in the beginning. I just never find the unit wowing me when I put it out. Bullwark is by far the most straightforward of the multiple tanks. His motion is adequate, and he possesses a front-facing defense that mitigates damage. It absorbs a lot of damage, and he’s usually facing the bot that’s fighting him, but his shield is deactivated when he’s stunned.

Brute can also be an initiator, provided the team has enough damage to knock out the enemy bots. There isn’t much to the game, but it’s nice and relaxing and something you can come back to for a few minutes every few hours. Town’s take around 5 minutes to reset their quests, once you unlock a few regions you can bounce between towns to get quite a longer session in. The story and the message of the game are quite relevant to the challenges we face as a species. The robot is quite endearing and some of the dialogue with its voice assistant can be quite amusing. It could be nice to have some sort of daily login reward or achievements.

botworld bot tier list