You can use Windows Installer, which is the installer service that runs on Windows and installs .msi files (kind of like .rpm’s or .deb’s) download concrt140_dll click here. In this case, the file you distribute is not an executable per se. This is actually the ‘recommended’ method of installation on Windows. There’s a couple of different tools you can use to create installation packages for this.

The program can’t start because extmgr.dll is missing from your computer. To resolve the matter, we recommend you use a reliable file extension repair software. This software will detect issues with the problem file and then repair it so that it can be used normally on the system. Due to their immense popularity and use, DLL files are quite vulnerable to malware infections. Further, various malware programs are also known to hide their malicious codes within genuine DLLs. When in doubt about the authenticity of any DLL file, scan the file using your protective software.

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In such a case if you are getting a DLL error, you should fix the error by troubleshooting information specific to that DLL problem and that is the only better way to solve it. You can also visit our How to Fix Errors for some general advice. Here’s why you shouldn’t download the DLL files. It might be very easy to just download that missing simply or not found the DLL file, that’s hardly the best way to fix the errors. However, there are chances of the occurrence of other errors in downloading the missing or corrupt DLL files.

  • The vcruntime140.dll file is part of the Microsoft Visual C++ software runtime library.
  • Also, DLL delivers a way for programs to be updated without having to reinstall or rebuild the entire program.
  • This article helped me find the tool I needed to decompile the DLL and understand how it was working.”

In addition to the tools mentioned, there are other alternatives that can help you open a .DLL file to see its contents, or at least its code. Again, you need to locate the DLL file and right click on it, to later choose Textedit to open it and see its contents . After that the software will open and you will see the same codes mentioned above in Windows. There is a very easy way to view the contents of a .DLL file with Windows Notes Blog. To do this, you just need to right click on the file and select the option „Open with” , this will show you a warning message that you should ignore and click again on „Open with” . It is required for ➟ GitHub issue linking.

Way 8: Run DISM to Repair DLL Files

VCRUNTIME140.DLL is a Microsoft C Runtime Library application extension and can be located under the System32 folder. Free DLL Fixer is one of the few tools that can fix DLL errors on your PC without requiring a paid registration. The tool searches and easily locates and restores any missing or corrupted DLLs and repairs them.

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DLLDump is probably the best DLL database available on the web. The site hosts thousands of free DLL files that you can download & use for free. Now, type the DLL error you are getting while installing any program. Finally, select the lost DLL file in result window and click on the “Recover” button to restore it to original status. Apart from DLL files, you can also recover music, videos, photos, documents, and other data from your computer.